Dear Reader,

The Anthology Project began as an idea. The idea was simple: collect and publish the unbelievably poignant writing by students who attend McMath Middle School.

The World We Want. There is so much exploration on this topic yet to be done. Who better to do it than fresh idealists ready to dive into the world and expose its strengths and weaknesses? The challenge to create was made in the fall of 2013. Students were cheered on by their teachers and the staff at McMath. Students took time out of their lives to reveal their own beliefs concerning our world. They wrote, and they created. Thirty-one individuals stepped up to the challenge, and in 2014, they banded together to construct the book that you now hold. Fin Press could not be prouder; the staff of McMath Middle School could not be more impressed.

The words these fearless authors have stitched together will forever help us see the world we have and the world we want. May you find an answer to a question, another question on which to ponder, or simply enjoy the art and words that follow.

Happy reading,

The FIN Family

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